Thursday, October 28, 2010


She wont smile that smile again,
I could not stop and try again
Her morning elegance had painted my day
Wish I could draw the dawn again !

I lay blank as I enter the cafe,
The sight of her smile,just a table away
A friend across the table,a hot cup of coffee,
She sips on her beverage as my heart's blown away

How i wish I could redraw the plot
where I am the knight and she,the princess:
A damsel of sorts. I rob her away
from cluthces of the worldy
to a dreamland far away.

Make her sit ,watch her smile,
As I read out poems,cute and juvenile
But its time to come back to real,
To a world where she doesnt know I exist,
What else could I do
for it is the autumn's mist .

But for all that I know
She is a sweet ; quite literally 
But I know nothing of her,even remotely
Dear God,let this dream never die
for many a mile,
For I have been blinded
Blinded by her Smile .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Movie of Our Life

In the movie of our life,
starring you and me.
Hollywood is in for a treat,
wait until they see.

The stage is all ours,
so let's put on a good show.
We act these roles so well,
but they will never know.

Shakespeare seems out of date,
Romeo and Juliet got old.
Baby they have nothing on us,
so let our story be told.

We write romance scenes,
like forever had no end.
It all comes so natural,
with an amazing girlfriend.

We've only gotten started,
the end is far from now.
Nothing can break us up,
not even a broken vow.

People watch the notebook,
is that all Hollywood's got?
Girl, you and me alone,
make those scenes look hot.

They'll write a story one day,
and a movie to go with it.
Just get us to act it out,
It would be the greatest hit.

We may never be Hollywood's hottest,
Brad and Angelina will be in the past.
It will last as long as their careers,
but baby you and I will forever last.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'rock bands' or 'frock pants'

With the Cult-fest fever all set to take charge across campuses in India,the youth audience are surely gearing up to be a part of this annual madness.

One of the major attractions of these cult fests are the Rock Shows which typically stand out; be it the promos,the prize money offered or the sky high per capita weed done before any event by the very promoters of these shows.

They surely do depict the talent that India possesses.But what they also portray is the creativity the performing bands possess;not in their compositions but in christening themselves.

India today has over 17000 bands performing across a wide spectrum of genres.Leaving aside the wanabe cool dudes who seem to form a significant number, there are still around 6000 serious bands operating from different parts of India;as they say Music has no caste ,no religion and no language !!
But if you ask most Industry pundits as to what draws them first towards these bands, the reply is almost unanimous-their names.
A prolific guitarist from a very popular mumbai based band said in a conversation I had with him-"Band names portray the message the members want to spread"

I agree with your idea Sir but why do the names of more than 90% of these functional bands proclaim vehemently that they lack basic sense.What message does "arctic monkeys" give you-a bunch of men jumping around scratching their hairy bodies in the arctic? Or just monkey faced men with frozen brains. I dont intend offense to them as I am myself a huge fan but they play psychedelic and alternative rock  and only some insane intelligence can decipher the reason why they named themselves monkeys.

Another lead vocalist of a Pune based band comments on similar lines-"The name is what the band loves to do".
One of city's  upcoming bands with some very talented artistes calls itself Morphine.

And to add to the insanity we have softwares calling themselves ROCKBAND NAME GENERATORS where u log on and generate random names which the makers refer to as funky.(God bless them !) And wat seems to be further torture is the fact that many bands actually use these tools to christen themselves.

The only plausible  reasoning that seems befitting here is that the christening these days is done with 'two words necessarily not related to each other'.Vapour Sunday,Narcoleptic Filter Skank, Velvet Revolver,Inside Tonks, Hand-Shoved Whores, Nocturnal Sunlight etc.
It feels like someone's not been been fed for years and asked to name a band.

I thought musical geniuses were never known by the 'funky quotient' of their names.It was plain music-beyond languages,beyond boundaries and thats what I thougt appealed to people.

Anyways,I am no journalist raising an isue.I am just an inquisitive musician who'd love to get opinions and comments on the above to actually educate myself in the strange science of rock band christening

Hope bands in future name themselves with traces of sanity intact instead of making a fool outa themselves. average yet die-hard musician