Thursday, October 28, 2010


She wont smile that smile again,
I could not stop and try again
Her morning elegance had painted my day
Wish I could draw the dawn again !

I lay blank as I enter the cafe,
The sight of her smile,just a table away
A friend across the table,a hot cup of coffee,
She sips on her beverage as my heart's blown away

How i wish I could redraw the plot
where I am the knight and she,the princess:
A damsel of sorts. I rob her away
from cluthces of the worldy
to a dreamland far away.

Make her sit ,watch her smile,
As I read out poems,cute and juvenile
But its time to come back to real,
To a world where she doesnt know I exist,
What else could I do
for it is the autumn's mist .

But for all that I know
She is a sweet ; quite literally 
But I know nothing of her,even remotely
Dear God,let this dream never die
for many a mile,
For I have been blinded
Blinded by her Smile .

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